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Insect larva in a mud home with 2 caterpillars for food – August 25, 2007

Insects in a mud home with 2 caterpillars, originally uploaded by Camp Naturalist.

I find these “gems” in a 1/2 inch wide mud “home” that is attached to a tent that is left outside to dry. The caterpillars are still alive but can’t move very well. I assume that they are stund by a wasp like creature to be food for the small green larva (in the center of the picture). The mud structure looks like a vase. It’s pretty amazing! The small black piles are probably fras(insect waste) from the caterpillars. When I broke this “vase” open I had no idea that I would find this!

Here what the opening of the mud structure looks like.  The bottom and right side are broken from me removing the structure from the tent.  It reminds me of potter shards that would be found at an archaeological dig.