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Burying Beetle Eating a Mouse – September 10, 2008

As I’m walking home I spot the carcass of a mouse. It is moving slightly. I take a closer look and I spy two beetles(hairy burying beetles I presume) digging underneath the mouse. I realize that this is the same insect that I had observed on July 17, 2008. Golden Nature Guide (p112)states that there have been reports that some of the larger of these beetles …”dig under the carcass o f a small animal till it falls into the hole and is actually buried to serve as food for the larvae…” Very interesting.

Carrion Beetle - September 10 2008


Why did the Turkey Vulture Cross the Road? – March 25, 2008

On our way back from helping teach the homeschool programĀ at Camp Amigo , my assistant finds a turkey vulture and a bird of prey(immature redtail hawk?) feasting on this road kill rabbit. We turn around to see if we can get a picture and the hawk takes off. But we get a few pictures of the turkey vulture.

Turkey Vulture - March 25, 2008