Prairie Burn at Base of Turtle Hill – March 14, 2008

On this beautiful late winter day some camp staff help with this meadow burn to help rehabilitate this property.  Our leader is using his drip torch to get the fire going.




Copy of IMG_2312_trim, originally uploaded by Camp Naturalist.



We are putting out the fire as it approaches the road. Although the grass is moist enough and short enough that the fire actually pretty much just goes out on its own.  Some fence posts do burn a little bit.


We start the main part of the burn down wind and work our way into the wind.  That way the fire is a little more manageable.  But it is still pretty smoky.




 Here a small vole(bottom center) is heading for cooler ground.  We see about 3 or 4 making their exit.  They don’t seem to be any worse for wear.

 This fire will help keep the non-native plant in check and help the native plant species that are adapted to fire.

 Thanks to our leader and all the people that helped!!


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