Winter Color – December 2006

Moss on Trunk of Tree
Originally uploaded by Camp Naturalist.There’s always something interesting happening out in woods. Although I’d really like some snow

.Green Mushroom

Green Mushroom on Massasauga trail

Sassafras Twig

Here is a sassafras twig.  The band on the left is a terminal scar that indicates where the end of the branch was last year.  You can measure how much growth there has been on branches from these points.

Hackberry Bark

This is a hackberry tree.  This is an easy bark identify by its extremely bumpy bark.  Some call hackberry trees back scratcher trees.

Red Osier Dogwood

Here is some red osier dogwoods.  If you see these you know you are near wetland soil.

Black Raspberry Plant Stock

Here are the stocks of black raspberries.  I love the chaulky white film that develops.  It’s interesting to me that these plants make an arch with roots on both ends.

Queen Anne's Lace



Moss growing on an old stump. There’s so much going on here it’s like its own planet.

Mushroom on Stump

Shelf Mushrooms on an a stump


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