Make a Pooter(Bug Sucker)


Originally uploaded by Camp Naturalist.

Here’s how to make an inexpensive pooter(or bug sucker).

 Just take a small plastic soft drink bottle(preferably a clear bottle so you can see the insects better).

Under adult supervision drill two hole just a little bit smaller than 3/8″ in the cap. I use a drill press. The trick is finding a way to get a good grip on the cap so it does spin. Then get some 3/8″ clear plastic tubing from a hardware store or home center. Cut a couple of pieces about 12″ long or so.

Then put the tubes into the two holes in the bottle cap. Push them in a few inches.


On the tube that you’re going to suck on put a small piece of netting material to the inside of that tube with a rubber-band.


Then screw the cap back on the bottle and you’re ready to catch some insects.

  IMG_3020 IMG_3021


7 Responses to “Make a Pooter(Bug Sucker)”

  1. 1 Stefano
    August 28, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    Made mine today! my tubes are a lot shorter though, I’m guessing half yours, as I use cm and don’t really have an idea how many inches that is… My tubes are both about 15cm (6inches?)… I didn’t get the chance to test it yet, but it works really wel… Instead of drilling the holes, I tried something else (my pooter is really closed down, when I hold one tube closed, and suck the other end, I’m suck the air out of the bottle, instead of the air escaping through holes in the cap. What I did was: Get a tube, which ever size you like, and make two little holes in the cap (I used a corkscrew opener). Then get a knife, and start twisting it in the hole, creating a bigger hole. Do this till it’s ALMOST big enough to fit the tube, then just squeeze the tube in. That way no air can possible escape through the sides.

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