Mudpuppy – (Nature Camp) June 19, 2006

Mudpuppy – (Nature Camp) June 2006

Originally uploaded by Camp Naturalist.

On Monday night the campers are at main beach setting their aquatic bug traps.  These traps consists of a small flashlight in a plastic bottle that is placed inside a bigger tube with a funnel at one end.  Traps are placed in the water and the insects go in the funnel but can’t find their way out.  Campers find lots of water beetles, small minows and little wiggly larva.

Dragonfly nymph  - (Nature Camp) June 2006

Here is a dragonfly nymph that is about ready to emerge from its exoskeleton.

One of the kids spots this foot long mudpuppy just a few feet from the shore of main beach on Lake Shavehead. Everyone is very excited about this find.


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