Antlion Pit – April 20 2006


Originally uploaded by Camp Naturalist.

Ants Beware

In the middle of this picture is an ant lion pit. I just noticed these traps reapearing within the last few weeks. Ant lions are the larva of a winged insect(see adult antlion photo). These larva remain in the ground for up to 3 years making these pits that trap ants and other insects that fall into them. The ant lion larva have big pichers that grab their prey, inject them with poison and pull them underground and suck out the ant's insides. Ant carcasses ususally litter the entrances of these pits.

In sandy soil near you

It's likely that you'll find antlion pits near your house in sandy soil that is protected from the rain.

Have you called your antlion lately?

If you find one of these pits you can make the larve move by calling to the antlion saying, "Hey ant lion…hello ant lion…(or anything else you'd like to say)" after a few seconds the ant lion will move giving away it's location.


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