Spotted Turtle in Vernal Pond March 30 2006

March 30 2006 Pinewood Elementary 007

Originally uploaded by Camp Naturalist.

My First Spotted Turtle Sighting

It’s almost 12pm and I decide to see if any rattlesnakes are making their presence known on such a warm sunny spring day.  So I head for massasauga trail.  No snakes, but I hear wood frogs chuckling(some say quacking) and western chorus frogs and spring peeper(frogs) just “singing” away in the small vernal(tempory) pond.  I’m trying to take a picture of one of these 1 inch long frogs species but I can’t find any.  Then I look down at my feet and right there is a 5 to 6 inch long spotted turtle almost touching my left shoe.  This is the first spotted turtle that I’ve ever seen in the wild!  Pretty cool!

State Threatened  Species

I understand that the spotted and blanding turtles love these vernal ponds in the early spring.  Spotted turtles are protected by Michigan law and are on the state’s threatened species list.


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